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We currently offer several accessories for your Oh Sung Do (broadsword), however the sword itself is not included with any item or kit.  Prices listed here are in US Dollars for each item.  All in-stock orders are shipped via USPS or UPS Ground within 3 business days unless expedited shipping is requested and all additional fees paid in advance.  We will advise lead times needed for special orders and out-of-stock items.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards via PayPal - no checks, money orders or CODs.  Warranty info available here.
OSD Sling
Adult -
$19.95 each
Junior - $17.95 each
Standard Flag Set (click for details)
Oh Sung Do sling - side/back view
Our adjustable sling is made of black polypro webbing with integrated side-release buckle.  The sword is held onto the sling via the attached steel rings, and tensioned in place using black elastic.  Click here to see a visual guide for using this product.

Each sling is custom embroidered with the "Oh Sung Do" Korean calligraphy.  Adult size available with red or gold calligraphy color.  Junior size has red color calligraphy only.

Separate models to fit Adult- or Junior-size OSD swords.
(sling only - sword, flag set and mannequin display not included)
OSD Size
Calligraphy Color
Updated: 2/21/2020
OSD Size
Strap Color
Gear Bag Strap
Adult -
$15.00 each
Junior - $12.00 each
Gear bag OSD straps in red, black or blue with carabiners.
Strap attached to gear bag using carabiners
OSD in strap on gear bag.
(strap and 2 carabiners only - sword, flag set and gear bag not included)
Attach your broadsword to your gear bag!  The 1.5" polypro strap uses metal rings on each end with elastic to tension the sword in place.  Attaches to the gear bag with supplied 2" carabiners on the bag's end zipper pulls or the bag's shoulder strap attachments.  Specify strap color and OSD size (jr or adult).
Each flag set consists of three individual crepe back satin fabric panels (red, gold and blue) fastened together in one reinforced corner with a #2 (3/8") grommet.  Includes a 25mm (1") split ring for attaching the flag set to the sword's existing hilt loop.  All fabric edges heat-finished and stitched with a rolled hem to inhibit fraying.  Compare 12" v 14" sets.
Standard and XL Flag Sets
(flag set only - sword not included)
Standard $21.60 12" x 12" Nickel Nickel
XL (larger) $24.00 14" x 14" Black Black
Price per Set
Panel Size*
Grommet Color
Ring Color
XL Flag Set (click for details)
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Oh Sung Do sling - front view
Strap end detail with sword
(*panel sizes are approximate)